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We want your experience of owning and wearing your own Scottish Family Tie to be as good as it possibly can be. In order for you to keep your tie in perfect condition please take care of it by following the instructions on the care label and by taking heed of the following guidance.

Please note that the ties are made from 100% new wool and fine 100% silk. Great care should be taken to ensure that fingernails are not sharp or rough and that hands are clean and free from grease when handling the ties. Ties of this high, handmade quality are intended to give long service but there are some considerations. By this we mean that unduly harsh tying of the knot or attempts to ‘rip’ off or forcefully remove the tie in a hurry should be avoided.  

Caring For Your Tie

In order to help you to get a lifetimes wear and pleasure from your tie please be guided by the following.

1. Avoid wearing your tie on two consecutive days.

2. Refrain from tugging sharply at your tie when loosing the knot.

3. Once removed completely undo the knot then hang or loosely roll up.

4. Never rub stains. Always blot the affected area.

5. When travelling use some form of storages device to protect your tie.

6. Insure that only a professional dry cleaner cleans your tie.